about ‘you’re welcome’

Welcome to you’re welcome. We’re three organizers who have a lot of thoughts about social justice movements. We’re concerned about the impact of public policy on our (marginalized) communities. We’re concerned about the messages and tactics we use to win, and what that means for our communities and our allies in the meantime. We’re also concerned with how our communities understand themselves, and how identity, experience, power and privilege are understood among our own ranks. We hold justice for queer people, trans people, communities of color, and immigrants close to our hearts. And after working for several years as organizers, we’ve got some ideas about how to get it done.

This is where we’re going to break down the issues, provide alternate approaches, build our movements, and strengthen our communities.

We also think blog titles that are kind of jerky are hilarious. So: you’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “about ‘you’re welcome’

    • Hi, Grace!

      If you’re logged into wordpress, you should be able to subscribe using the dark grey bar at the top of the screen. Otherwise, you can subscribe through an RSS reader like Google Reader — reader.google.com. Easy as pie!

      Thanks for your interest!

  1. Hey-
    Love what you’re doing here–are any of you based in Chicago? I blog for the Sun Times and would love to write about your site but unfortunately have to stick to Chicago-centric subject matter. Let me know?

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